Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Investment opportunity

Daniel Saul Och

Sure. If you look at how we've grown historically, it's been a .. whether it's geographically or by investment discipline, it's finding an area where we think there is an opportunity, dedicating, committing, building a business, doing it in a way that works for the clients who invest in that area and for the rest of the clients and for the firm. 

So what we mean by that is very simple. The .. right now, our multi-strategy funds, our credit funds, our long/short equity funds and our real estate funds, which are our strategic growth areas, are all very significant and provide a lot of opportunity. 

Having said that, we're always on the lookout for areas where we think we can provide value to clients. Some of that will just lead to new things that we do within the current fund structure. It is potential that it can lead to new investment opportunities. 

Our new products tend to be driven by where we see investment opportunity, not necessarily where others are marketing funds or raising assets. That's the key.

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